Concrete Cutters


Lighting the Way Ahead

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altConcrete Cutters offers a complete package for the installation of Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) fittings for new installations, refurbishment of existing installations or repairs to runways and manoeuvering areas. On average we install up to 12,000 assorted fittings in any year across the UK airports.


We can install new duct runs in asphalt or PQ concrete, supply and install the duct and reinstate it with rapid set cement based materials.


We can undertake the sawing and reinstatement of surface chases including drilling to lights and pits. Reinstatement can be with hand or machine applied materials to suit the existing surface type. Concrete Cutters won an award in 2006 from BAA for their design and application.




We can remove existing redundant fittings, make good the holes and install any make and type of AGL seating ring in asphalt or PQ concrete. Optical alignment of seating rings with our own design of telescope and suspension jigs can be implemented to MALMS tested accuracy.


Concrete Cutters has the capability to rapidly drill holes for any size light fitting in the hardest PQ concrete.


We have our own bespoke, unique designed and manufactured trailer rigs capable of drilling up to 1,100mm diameter.