Concrete Cutters


Grooving and PQ Re-Texturing

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Grooving has become the proven, most cost effective way to improve the take-off and landing distances of aircraft.

In addition to the provision of grooves to the required centre, pitch and depth specification, our equipment will automatically vacuum up any slurry.

Our machines can also be used to Re-Texture rain damaged PQ concrete, re-applying a brush type finsh.

Our Airport Servicesalt


  • Airport ground lighting installation
  • Overcore and removal of lighting
  • Diamond drilling
  • Diamond test coring
  • Percussion drilling
  • Floor sawing (concrete/asphalt)
  • Track sawing
  • Wire sawing
  • Ring and chain sawing
  • Chase cutting (up to 25mm)
  • Chase sealing
  • Rock drilling
  • Runway grooving
  • Taxiway retexturing
  • Robotic demolition